I am determined to help get The City in the Park back on the right track – so I put my hat in the ring for the City Council Place 4 election. I’m new at politics – I admit it, but I do know what’s right, and I  have common sense, and I am not so arrogant  to think I should be able to dictate  how everyone should live and what they “should” want their own homes and community to be like. And I am not a pushover. If I think it’s the wrong thing to do I will dig in my heels. And if it’s the right thing to do I can get awfully bullish. I know how to deal with thick-headed guys – I was raised with 5 brothers (no sisters).

Today I’m going to share my biography with my readers. You already know what I stand for:

  1. Bring Back Fiscal Responsibility: We used to have great community services and still have money in the bank. We can do that again.
  2. Common-Sense Revitalization: What do the citizens of Farmer’s Branch really want their town  to be? A mini-Frisco? Highland Park? How about Colleyville? Do we have sound, sensible, realistic goals? Nope. But when I’m on the Council I will insist that we take a really good look at what we want to accomplish, and form a logical approach to our future. A successful future.
  3. Code Enforcement: Yeah – you knew that was coming, didn’t you. While I am all for a neat, clean, safe and healthy community I am very much opposed to the guerrilla efforts to force everyone into the same mold. We are a diverse community; we have to be allowed to act it. And we have to stop turning honest decent citizens into criminals.

Oh – And Please:

  • Volunteer!
  • Send Moral Support!
  • Contribute – even if you can only afford a dollar or two: I certainly understand the financial situation. Campaigns aren’t cheap, and they are very exhausting. I am trying to keep expenses to a minimum – just like I will when I am elected, but I have to get there first.
  • Share this blog with like-minded friends and neighbors!
  • Send comments, suggestions, complaints! I am very open-minded and encourage constructive criticism. As long as it’s constructive.

And – most importantly: Tell your neighbors and friends to GET OUT AND VOTE for Kat Holmes. We can make a difference, but we have to get there first.

May I place a yard sign in your yard or other property? They’re on order, and you get a first peek at what they will look like:

I chose a sunny yellow background because that’s what we all need right now: a sunny new outlook.

Okay – as promised – here’s my biography:

The Holmes family has called Farmers Branch home for over 30 years. Their house on Apple Valley was their first home and they purchased it with the intention of putting down roots and staying for the long-term.

Kathleen (Kat) and her husband Gilbert (Rook) have three incredible children: Valerie, Sally, and Allen. All three grew up in Farmers Branch and attended Carrollton/ Farmers Branch schools. They are also blessed with 3 adorable grandchildren and two amazing sons-in-law.

Kat graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Biological Science, and has been a Process Engineer with Mostek, Texas Instruments, Raytheon, and DRS Technologies for over 30 years. She will bring her engineer’s attention to detail, logical approach, and facts-based decision-making abilities to the job of City Council Place 4.

As the country emerges from the current financial crisis the future promises many challenges: Challenges that must be met with clear, logical, and fair decisions. Decisions that are right and honourable. Decisions every one of us can live with.

Mrs. Holmes fully appreciates the challenges facing Farmers Branch’s residents, and is committed to making the right decisions for the city, business partners, and especially the citizens of Farmers Branch.

While appearances are an integral part of making a city desirable, so is quality of life. The city of Farmers Branch is blessed with a diverse population, and with that diversity comes different ways of living. Some people are rightly concerned about the environment, and want more recycling and other environmentally responsible activities such as water and natural resource conservation. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy their own back yards without worrying about constant surveillance and outlandish restrictions. No one wants to be bullied in their own home.

The citizens of Farmers Branch deserve a representative who will show independent, clear, logical thinking ability. Someone who will represent all the residents and not just special-interest groups.  Someone who will dare to question the status quo. Someone who has the backbone to stand up for the citizens. Someone who really knows what is going on in the entire city, not just selected areas.

Kat Holmes is that Someone, and she will be honored to be an advocate for the citizens of Farmers Branch.

Together we can make Farmers Branch a showplace community: a community where people are happy and productive, and feel proud to call home.