Everyone knows about the Current Regime’s use of Code Enforcement to bully, intimidate, and punish selected citizens.

Everyone knows how Brenda Brodrick’s rental homes were targeted in the last days of the May 8 election.

Now, someone has hacked into Brenda’s campaign site.

Hmmmmmm …….. is the opposition THAT frightened? What lengths will they go to try to prevent Brenda from joining the City Council? ………. Burning homes? Throwing eggs? Graffiti? (oh wait – they already tried that – on Mayor Phelp’s home), Kidnapping puppies?

This is how they act when they are threatened. And this is how they act when they are in charge.

When Brenda and I were opponents we made an agreement that we would not stoop to dirty politics. And we kept our promise. And she maintains her integrity and high standards even in the face of some of the most low-handed shenanigans (an Irish word) that I have ever seen.