Early voting for the runoff election between Brenda Brodrick and David Koch is going on now – and will continue through Tuesday. It takes only a few minutes out of your busy schedule to run to City Hall and place your vote: to have your voice heard, to make a difference.

My readers know that my blog started when I realized the lengths that the current City Council will go to in order to intimidate selected residents. I knew I was not alone, and I wanted to reach the hundreds of citizens who are in the same boat. At least I thought there were probably hundreds. I discovered that there are well over three thousand households in our fair city that were hassled in the past year. And not one of those homes had anything that could be considered hazardous to their neighbors’ health, safety, or welfare. And not one of them was the reason for the 11% drop in property values. And not one of them contributed to crime, or blight, or rats. Not one. Read the report for yourself: a mop on someone’s porch, a newspaper in the street, grass in a driveway crack, a chair on a front porch, toys in the yard, grass in the alley. Is that what this city thinks is desirable …. dragging people to court and fining them for GRASS? And I don’t mean the smoking kind – if you had that, or if you ran a red light, or drove 70 in a school zone while talking on your cell phone the courts would be easier on you than if you allowed grass to grow over your curb. And I am serious – dead serious.

I discussed that issue with both of my opponents, and I think they both thought I was overreacting: that I was just whining about my own special interest. But Brenda found out soon enough how Code Enforcement could be used as an intimidation tactic. She has experienced it, and she knows how insidious it is.

When we all go to the polls and cast our votes for Brenda she will be the only city council member who knows what it is like to be the target of Code Enforcement intimidation tactics. She understands – she’s been there.

If you do not do your part to elect Brenda, there will be not one person on the City Council who will understand – who will take up the fight to protect your right to privacy and to enjoy your own home. So the half hour you saved by avoiding the polls will be taken up trying to defend yourself against the Enforcers. Business will go on as it has for the past several years – the stalking, the peering over and through fences, the invasion of your own private living areas.

I’m going to share a postcard mailing that was sent out by a supporter during my campaign for City Council Place 4. It was sent only to residents who had received recent Code Violation notices, but every single resident of Farmers Branch needs to see it – for if you haven’t received a violation notice by now your turn will come. Unless, of course, you are one of the group of protected “Desireable” citizens: with lots of disposable income, young, vibrant, upscale, healthy, or just know the right people.