There are 14,000 registered voters in Farmers Branch

Less than 3000 voted on Saturday.

Does your vote count? It would have, if you had spent half an hour going to the poll. As it was,

  • 1300 people are going to decide your fate for the next 3 years.
  • 1300 people are going to dictate what you want.
  • 1300 people are going to encourage aggressive and strict code enforcement for 32,000 citizens.
  • 1300 people are going to tell 32,000 people what they should have in their front yards, what kind of storage buildings are upscale and desirable, bless our tax increases, throw around our hard-earned money.

Actually, not voting is a vote: by not bothering to spend a few minutes of your time you are effectively telling the city that you don’t care what happens with your future. So, they take this apathy as a green light to continue the harassment, continue the tax increases, continue spending money foolishly, continue to violate our homes, because 1300 people said they like it, and 11,000 said they don’t care one way or the other.

Rarely do we have a second chance  – to raise the voice of the people – the REAL people. We have this chance now, in one race. Although Brenda Brodrick is not me; she’s the next best thing, and our precious second chance to make things right. Get out and Vote for Brenda during the runoff election. She will listen, she does understand. If you’ve seen David Koch’s final campaign mailing you know that, mysteriously, Brenda’s 17 rental properties received 20 code compliance notifications. Right before elections, but in time for Mr. Koch to gleefully record it on his campaign flyers, have them printed, and sent to voters. She understands how unscrupulous people use Code Enforcement to harass and intimidate. As an aside: have you seen Mr. Koch’s rental property? Have you seen Mr. Scott’s own home? Pictures are on my posting ”  City Snapshots”.  To see them for yourself look on the left column  under the Farmers Branch Mayor and City Council category, then pick the link  Pictures of our City Council’s Homes and Neighborhoods.

 Brenda has 17  properties that are well-kept and maintained. The opponent can’t even keep 3 up to snuff. But he doesn’t get code violation notices now, does he?

And here’s the interesting part. I called Brenda and asked her about the violation notices. She gave me some vague details, but refused to talk any further: and do you know why? Because she was concerned about her tenants RIGHT TO PRIVACY! That’s correct – although she had been a victim of dirty politics she would not strike back because it could hurt someone else. And she would rather take the brunt of that mudslinging attack than expose innocent people to potential inconvenience. Isn’t that the kind of person you want looking out for your interests?

  • Someone who really and truly cares about your welfare – not just at election time, but all the time.
  • Someone who understands … someone who’s Been There.
  • Someone who is sensitive about the impact her actions could have on others.

For the record: the “violations” were all minor: nothing at all that would endanger the neighbors’ Health, Safety, or Welfare. And they were corrected before the voters even received the scurrilous mailing. They were non-issues, and the only thing the opponent could come up with to sully Brenda’s reputation.

That is pathetic.

God, Fate, Karma, or whatever has handed the citizens of Farmers Branch a Second Chance. Use it.