In reviewing all the campaign rhetoric being created by the City Council candidates, I notice that both of the incumbents swear to “continue” to listen to the Voice of The People and act accordingly. So I have to ask, were they listening to The People when:

  • They voted UNANIMOUSLY to issue a $10,000,000 Certificate of Obligation for real estate investments even after the great majority of voters told them NO?
  • They voted UNANIMOUSLY to raise our taxes to fund the Certificate even after the great majority of voters objected?
  • They voted UNANIMOUSLY to allow the rezoning of Brookhollow Estates above the objection of the neighbors who would be impacted by this decision?
  •  They voted UNANIMOUSLY to take funds from various city services and infrastructure in order to “Balance the Budget”?
  • They voted UNANIMOUSLY to continue  ill-advised, illegal, expensive, and unconstitutional litigation: totally ignoring the great number of citizens who vigorously objected to the economic and social costs?
  • They constantly vote UNANIMOUSLY to create and enforce ever more restrictive laws and ordinances in order to harass, intimidate, and bully citizens that THEY feel are undesirable?

If the 5 members of the City Council really were representing The People we should have expected at least one vote against these decisions. But no, they continued to VOTE  UNANIMOUSLY. That tells me that they are NOT LISTENING to ALL the people. Or, they hear you – but they DON’T CARE. Your ideas don’t fit with their goals, so are not worth considering.

You have heard the incumbents take credit for the good things that have happened in Farmers Branch. Exactly what are they really responsible for? Here’s a partial list:

  • Purchasing land that is lying useless and off the tax rolls for an undetermined future. They know what they’d “like” to have there – in fact they have all kinds of grandiose plans: but cannot find a developer who is interested – unless WE supply lots and lots of financing  incentive. The fact is, The People said they wanted a grocery store in that location. A lot of grocery chains were contacted, but only one expressed an interest in the site. But that store was not one that the incumbents felt “fit our image”. So the one and only potential business was chased off. Our City Council would much rather have nothing there, and nothing bringing in money. After all, the taxpayers would rather support nothing ……. right? It must be, because that’s what we’re getting for our money: Nothing.
  • They had very little to do with enticing businesses to locate here: our City Staff worked hard on that. In fact, the City Council tried their best to make it more difficult for businesses by trying to monopolize waste hauling and by insisting on capricious and idiotic Building Codes. If you’re a small business you can fuggidaboudit.
  • Raising Taxes: last year, this year, and next year.
  • Cutting Services – be ready to stay inside your well-inspected homes this summer, because the mosquitoes are going to be out in force.
  • Firing Staff – the people who provide services for the citizens. Oh – except for Code Enforcement – they hired more inspectors to make sure you do not have empty pots in your yard.
  • They claim credit for lowering taxes for 80% of the seniors. In reality, what the seniors got is a check for $15.00. Can you be bought for fifteen dollars? That’s what they think. In reality – they would like nothing better than for people on fixed incomes to be herded into “affordable housing” units.


The two incumbents claim that their opponents are “one issue” candidates. How true, in that my issue is to take the city back from those who consistently ignore the voters:

  • who use  their positions to intimidate and harass anyone who disagrees,
  • who think it is admirable to violate the citizens right to privacy in their own homes,
  • who are on a mindless spending spree –  leaving us and our children with the bills. 

The incumbents have said more than once: “If you don’t like our decisions, use your vote to get rid of us.”

That’s the best advice they have given us since becoming members of the City Council. Now is the time to let them know that we can’t be fooled, and even if they are not listening, WE ARE.

Vote for Kat Holmes: I’ll fight the Bull!