If you are struggling with deciding between Brenda and me, I am glad that you are taking the time to consider the ramifications of your vote. I wish more people were that conscientious. As a candidate, I would like to talk with you more.

I met Brenda on the campaign trail and I like her. And even though we agree on a number of issues, I am the better candidate for the current situation. You probably know that Brenda’s interest in this campaign started with the Alcohol decision. Mine evolved when I realized the extent the City Council will go to in order to bully and intimidate residents through their repressive Code Enforcement blitz. When the City Council praises the Code Enforcement thugs for violating individual privacy in order to force citizens to comply with ridiculous rules, that’s going too far. I don’t know if you’ve ever run afoul of the Code Enforcement Laws, but they are many, they are confusing, and so many of them are created for no other reason than to intimidate. That’s what I am opposed to.  

While I agree that there have to be standards that must be followed, especially for Health and Safety reasons, the current Code of Ordinances goes far beyond what is reasonable and prudent. And believe me, they are not above using those ordinances to target and harass selected citizens. I have seen and heard from so many people who are struggling with health, or money, or disabilities. But the City insists that they trim trees, paint over tiny little spots in their homes, pull one weed from a crack in the sidewalk. 

I would like to live in a city that is pretty because the people care about and help each other, not because there is a legion of neighborhood watchers who troll the streets looking for any little infraction so they can report it. I would like to find volunteer groups to help the citizens if needed – not to punish them for being old, or poor, or jobless, or sick.

Code Enforcement bullies aside, the current City Council members have shown time and time again that the only time they listen to “The Will of the People” is when it suits their agenda. Recent examples are:

  •  The decision to allow rezoning of a lot in the beautiful Brookhollow neighborhood in spite of the objections of the neighbours
  •  Increasing our taxes in defiance of the people who voted overwhelmingly NO to borrowing money so the city can go into the real estate business in the four corners area
  • Spending on frivolous and unnecessary projects that we cannot afford right now and that do absolutely nothing to address the concerns of the residents.

These are just some examples of the boneheaded decisions our current City Council has made.

To end this craziness, vote for me for Place 4, and for Matt Wenthold for Place 1. Matt is running against Tim Scott.