January is upon us, and it’s time for some of our elected officials to start campaigning. I see that there will be two City Council seats to fill this year, and that would be those currently occupied by  Tim Scott (Place 1), and David Koch (Place 4).

According to the website, “Members of the Council introduce, deliberate and institute policy and ordinances for the betterment of the community.”

Now, when candidates declare that they are running for these two positions, I want you to ask yourself: Do I feel better about this community? Is my voice being heard? Are my concerns being addressed? Do I feel like a part of this community, or is there a small population that is running the whole show without any regard for the majority of the citizens?

Here’s a hint: when the 5 members of the City Council constantly vote unanimously, you have to wonder if there are too many city council members – or if they are the right city council members. Call me crazy, but I would think that if every single issue that comes up before the City Council is a slam-dunk maybe we don’t even need a City Council. Or maybe we need people who will provide more than a rubber stamp to approve whatever it is the vocal minority wants. Okay, okay – I do know that there was one decision that was not unanimous, and it caused quite a stir. But come on now: the fact that our 5 members consistently vote as one has not escaped anyone’s attention. Is it possible that every single issue that comes up is that easy? Or are our elected councilpeople just sitting on their hands?

I hope that someone runs for each of these two seats that will show  independent, clear, logical thinking ability. Someone who will represent all the residents and not just special-interest groups.  Someone who will dare to question the status quo. Someone who has the backbone to stand up for the citizens. Someone who really knows what is going on in the entire city, not just the corner of Valley View and Webb’s Chapel, and in private resident’s back yards on the golf course.

Will Someone stand up? We can only hope.