A helpful reader pointed me toward Councilman Tim Scott’s blog. I was cautioned that the current blog reads like a bunch of PR announcements and contains little that you can’t find on the website, certainly nothing to explain what is going on at City Hall. But that blog led me to an earlier blog authored by Councilman Scott. And that earlier blog contains the MotherLode of  unsettling information about Farmer’s Branch. After reading that blog I understand a whole lot more about the behind-the-scenes workings of our politicians, and the “will of the people”. In future weeks we’ll explore The Parks in the City in the Park, City Employee Layoffs, Illegal Immigration, The New Logo, Crime Statistics, The Mayoral Election, Automobile Parking, Code Enforcement, and myriad other issues of which the citizens should be aware.  These are all topics that Mr. Scott has touched upon, and if you read between the lines and do a little sleuthing this can get interesting – and very upsetting.  But let’s start small.

Today I’m going to focus on one particular post. The post was innocent enough – on Monday, July 23, 2007 Mr. Scott merely asked for citizen suggestions and ideas. Here’s a short exerpt of his request:

“The aim of the current City Council is to improve the livability and quality of life of Farmers Branch for all our residents …  Every meeting, the city council will be brainstorming new ideas and following up on existing projects … The city staff is already hard at work on several projects that have come out of these discussions, and I will be posting details of these as they develop. But I want to hear from you and your ideas for our city in these three areas.

If you have ideas for programs, activities, strategies, etc. please either post them in the comments section of this post, or email them ……”

Whoa! 94 comments were posted in reply. Well, roughly half of them were his replies to other comments, but suffice to say there was a lot of traffic in response to this request. The “suggestions and ideas” at the beginning were really complaints and those complaints were pretty much limited to:

  1. too many cars parked at a residence,
  2. unkept lawns, and
  3. the all but empty Albertson’s shopping center (the Four Corners area)

But even that didn’t last long.

Amidst all the whining about grass and cars, on July 27th Teckela voices his/her support for the mayor’s stand on “the ordinance”. Anonymous responds with an observation and questions the legality of  Ordinance 2903.  His/Her posting is supported by facts, logic, and a carefully-worded admonishment to learn from the Hazelton lawsuit and proceed with caution. He/She also asks about past and projected legal expenses related to Ordinance 2903.

Uh oh – I predict trouble ahead.

Mr. Scott’s rebuttal ends with the statement We could go on and on like this, but I won’t as long as you post anonymously.”

Anonymous counters with I believe everyone on here is posting anonymously or via a pseudonym.” And he or she is correct. A quick check reveals that the previous comments were posted by those well-known citizens including: Teckela, Murphy Brown, ztitans1, code enforcer, citizen69, amberlane, cause4paws brenda, suzieque, webdesign, and janet.

I looked all these names up in the Farmers Branch white pages and couldn’t find any of them. Imagine that. At some point Anonymous misspelled his/her id, and Janet is quick to call him/her to task for that, as well as for posting anonymously.

<We will pause here for a brief message to Janet.>

Actually, Janet, in the blogosphere “Anonymous” can be spelled many ways. For example, the following names serve the same purpose as, and are interchangeable with, “Anonymous”:

  • Teckela,
  • Murphy Brown,
  • ztitans1,
  • code enforcer,
  • citizen69,
  • amberlane,
  • cause4paws brenda,
  • suzieque,
  • king of farmers branch,
  • webdesign, and yes, even ….
  • janet

Oh dear – On July 30, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more disgusting,  this thread degrades even further.  One brave soul takes the “anonymous challenge” and posts under her real name: I’ll call her Ann. This proves to be a huge mistake which is exacerbated when she makes the following observation: 

I will just say that before spending more taxpayer money on a quixotic and hateful lawsuit, you should post confirmed, objective statistics (i.e., numbers) in support of your claims that FB’s crime has increased and school quality has decreased in recent years — one of your stated motivations for 2903. Additionally, it is inconceivable to me that curbside recycling does not exist in FB. Apparently people in FB are more concerned with the color of other people’s houses than the environment.

How dare she ask for factual support of all the outrageous claims. How dare she ask for facts – just because time and time again various news media have debunked many of the allegations made against illegals by our elected leaders. She must be punished, and she is. Others weigh in to insult her name, her ideas, her very existence. Here are some choice bits:

There is no hatred in the lawsuit. It has to do with the law.
I don’t know about you but I prefer not to have a bright yellow, turquoise or fuchia pink house next to mine.

Because nothing screams crime and bad schools more like these houses

Huh? Now there’s a news flash – I did not realize that yellow, turquoise, or fuchsia pink house colors were illegal. Someone needs to notify Home Depot. BTW – this poster misspelled “fuchsia”. Here’s another reply to Ann: 

You are no longer A part of the “GREAT CITY OF F.B.” but you will always be a “BLACK EYE” on the city and the reason we should not just kick Illegals out of our city but people like you also!!!!

Whoa – this party is getting nasty. Anonymous comes to Ann’s defense, but he is also a persona non grata in this thread, so the pack turns on him once again. Ann takes that opportunity to gracefully exit.

If you have the stomach to read further; on August 10 Anonymous breaks through as one of the two contributors who actually presents viable, well-thought-out suggestions. Ann was the other one, and we see what happened to her. But Anonymous is tenacious, even when Webdesign (Belinda) starts trying to guess who Anonymous is. That game keeps Webdesign (Belinda) busy for the remainder of the posting – until Mr. Scott finally gets smart and closes the post to further comments.

You can follow this comment stream in all it’s disgusting detail at https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=5839009482893305565&postID=2635813076235439637

Here’s the path to the entire blog. It contains a couple of years’ worth of entries, and many will open your eyes. If only I had known last May …. or in May of 2007 …. what I know now.


I’ll be focusing on specific portions of this comment stream, and the entire blog, in future postings. What really struck me while I was reading this comment thread, though, is this:

Judging by the boneheaded decisions coming from the City Council in the last year or so, I’m afraid that many of the above contributors are what the City Council regards “the voice of the citizens”. And I don’t mean Anonymous and Ann. This would be amusing if you do not live in Farmer’s Branch, but the poor folks who do have to realize that every single citizen of The City in the Park is affected by ordinances that come about because of the ravings of  these crazies. Don’t believe me? Just wait – I’ll explain in future posts.

We are sooooo very scr—-d.