House yet to vote on S.B. 1398. Keep calling your reps and stay tuned. Terminator or Night at the Museum? Remember our Veterans this wknd3:21 PM May 22nd from web  

This is not the only Tweet when the author agonizes over which movie to attend. Makes me think that he sure spends a lot of time in fantasy land. And his actions reflect that.

Sitting with me on the front row at REO tonight will be Hunt Bonneau and Kevin Gladden. Just like the 80’s.10:48 AM Jun 5th from web

There’s nothing wrong with cherishing friendships formed during your teenaged years, but when a guy approaching middle age still waxes nostalgic over his high school days that gets you thinking of “Married With Children”‘s Al Bundy, if you know what I mean. High School is over: it’s time to put away childish things and grow up.

 … unless you’re the butt of jokes on a hit sitcom

I feel such a sadness over the death of Michael Jackson.5:31 PM Jun 26th from mobile web 

Michael Jackson was a talented entertainer and his demise was a bit of a shock. What bothers me is that the author was so moved by a celebrity that he felt the need to share his sadness with his followers. But I searched high and low and could not find one word about Senator Edward Kennedy’s passing. Ted Kennedy’s contributions to our country are more valuable than Michael Jackson’s.

 Taken together, and with other Tweets, you would get the idea that the author is having a hard time growing up. I would hope for a lot more maturity from our elected city leaders.