Here’s an interesting one:

My law firm handles injury cases. If you ever wonder about the govt’s ability to handle anything, call me for some Medicare horror stories.4:04 PM Jun 23rd from web

What makes this especially ironic is that:

  1. The author “handles injury cases”, but doesn’t seem to know that there are many more Private Insurance Company horror stories than Medicare horror stories. As with most of his other statements he is quick to make far-reaching assertions based on little or no evidence. 
  2. His statement about “the gov’t’s ability to handle anything” is really humorous when you realize that

…… well

…. do you want to tell him, or should I?

Okay – here goes:

His role for the City of Farmers Branch is Governmental!

So yes indeed; his implication is right on target:  since he and his cronies have assumed office this little government is creating a lot of horror stories for a lot of citizens.

  • Bully Tactics? Got It.
  • Kowtowing to Special Interests? Got It.
  • Ignorance of Facts? Got It.
  • Plowing On Ahead With Pet Projects Irrespective of Citizen Objection? Got It.
  • Absurd OverBlown Accusations? Got It.
  • Fiscal Irresponsibility? Got It.
  • Misrepresentation? Got It.
  • Disregard Citizen’s Real Concerns? Got It.

There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe