Several people who have neither the time nor desire to follow Twitter but want to know if an interesting Tweet comes along have asked me to keep up the Twitter Quotes. I said it before and I will repeat: I am not a big fan of Twitter, or Facebook, or any of those social networking sites. That said, I do realize that there is much entertainment to be found on these sites, so I will peek every once in a while to find something interesting to talk about. There are a couple of sites that I can depend upon to provide fodder, so I will monitor and comment.

While considering a name for this series of posts I remembered a term one of my daughters uses for people who blurt out nonsensical statements based on erroneous input. These folks are so sure that they are right, and everyone else is wrong, that they make assertions in a manner that is best described as flustered to the point of giddiness. They don’t let the facts get in the way when they are Twitterpated! So, every week I will post another entry in a new series of posts which I will call “Twitterpated Tuesday“.


Here’s my first example:

I am against a government takeover of healthcare and love seeing people stand up to have their voices heard.10:43 PM Aug 8th from mobile web

Ah – I’m not going to tell you where I got this gem, and that’s kind of unfair to those who are not “in the know” here in The City in the Park. Suffice to say that this author is the primary reason that the Community Surveillance folks are out in full force – ever ProActive and Innovative in their quest to root out and destroy evil citizens who are Violating The Code.

What is particularly amusing about this post is that the author and his cronies are definitely not amused by people who stand up to have their voices heard – if those voices are raised in disagreement. But that does not make this statement false. In fact, it is true in that when you stand up to have your voice heard you are very visible. And when you are visible you are easy to target. So – is that a bad thing? Well, I’ll tell you about my experience, and you can make your own decision.

I have been vocal about the oppressive Community Surveillance and Code Enforcement in letters to a local enews service and through this blog. My original intention was to offer assistance in correcting what I found to be a very frustrating and hard to decipher City Code. Oh, but  that was not well-received, and the defenses quickly went up. However, I was not ignored: I was rewarded!

By pointing out errors, misrepresentations, inequalities, and capriciousness I was rewarded by being assigned my very own Surveillance Team member; and boy, is he ever ProActive and Innovative. He drives by at least two or three times a week and sometimes even walks the perimeter of my property in order to observe every little bitty thing I have out there.


    • If a weed grows taller than 8.001 inches he is there to tell me about it.
    • If he is worried about the suitability of my outdoor furniture he’ll drop a note.
    • If he’s afraid I’ll exceed my quota of 5 pots in the front yard he’ll raise the flag.
    • On some days he will sit for a long time in front of my home: gazing, dreaming, taking pictures, whatever.
    • When I clean my garage he’ll helpfully document every step.
    • If a tree leaf crosses the curb he’ll sound the alarm.

Oh – it’s not all fun and games: sometimes I can tell that he doesn’t know The Code as thoroughly as I do, and I am obliged to remind him of various points; but that doesn’t matter – I’ll get an invitation to play Guess the Violation anyway.

I am truly blessed, and I feel so Safe and Healthy. But also guilty. I feel bad that I should be getting all this personal attention when I know that there are plenty of other citizens who also would like to feel Safe and Healthy in their own homes. And here I am hogging all the attention.

You too can be rewarded with your very own personal Enforcer. All you have to do is stand up to have your voice heard.