I want you to look at this picture:


What a  pretty, neat little house. Look at the nice driveway: no cracks there – grassy or otherwise. And the grass is mowed and edged to perfection. Look at the fence: nice and neat and square and painted. In the yard: no dead bushes, no empty pots, fewer than 5  front yard decorations. There’s a chair in the yard, but only one, and I’ll bet it’s permitted. No tree limbs hanging over the street. There’s a fireplace, and I’ll bet their firewood is neatly stacked 18″ above the ground.  There are only two cars parked well within the concrete on the driveway.

Wow. If the house were  larger this would be the perfect Farmers Branch residence. But this owner is obviously a very fine desirable upscale person, so the taxpayers  can give him a low-interest loan and a nice tax break for home expansion.

The neighbors must be so proud, and property values must be skyrocketing.

Wait; are those cops standing there? Do they own the home? Oh no, silly – cops can’t afford a nice house like that. Well, then …. what?

Oh – this is the house that the ringleader of a North Carolina terrorist group lived in. His sons were raised under his strict religious guidelines and they were arrested with him and 5 others on charges of plotting terrorist acts.

Well, but still, they’re white, and American citizens, and keep a neat lawn, and are very religious. And that’s all that matters, right?