NOT the Farmers Branch Pocket Park

NOT the Farmers Branch Pocket Park

On the way to one of my favorite stores in the whole world: Turner Hardware (I swear that no one paid me for this advertising – I am providing this service  free of charge); I often drive past the new little pocket park on the corner of Webb’s Chapel and Valley View. You know where it is – on the corner right across from the big Farmer’s Branch Church of Christ on one street and the small Valley View Baptist Church on the other.

I often look at that little park on the corner and wonder how it came about. There’s a nice big fountain, a bench, lots of walkways, and pretty landscaping. It seemed to appear as if by magic one day while I was not paying attention. But there it is, and it looks very nice.

I heard that there used to be a decrepit run down horrible house there, probably harboring Rats, Rodents, and Other Vermin, and that The City: in its never-ending quest to protect the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the Citizens; purchased the home for $175,000, demolished it, and installed the fountain, bench, pathways, and landscaping as well as a little storage shed. I’ve heard all kinds of numbers bandied about: anywhere from $250,000 to $400,000 total cost to do all this. Then there is the additional cost to maintain it, so who knows how much The Citizens of Farmer’s Branch are spending on this little piece of heaven.

 I decided that if the Citizens of the City of Farmer’s Branch created this pretty little park the least I could do was go sit on the bench, or smell the roses, or put my feet in the water,  or something to demonstrate my appreciation of all our hard work and money.

Hmmm – I was driving, so I had this car problem – where do I ditch my car so I can enjoy The Park in the City in the Park? I suppose I could park my car at either of the churches on Valley View or Webb’s Chapel, but those are both busy streets and I didn’t want to cross either one on foot. So …. yes; I parked in The Alley Behind The Park in the City in the Park. It’s okay – there’s a nice well-maintained fence so that no one would be offended by seeing my car parked in the alley, and the alley is paved, so I would be parking on an improved surface. I did wonder, though; what if two carloads of people wanted to enjoy the park? Could we both park in The Alley Behind The Park in the City in the Park? Oh well, today it was only me, and, come to think of it, I was the first person I have ever seen here so maybe parking is not going to be a problem after all – as long as no one wants to drive down The Alley Behind The Park in the City in the Park while I am enjoying The Park in the City in the Park.

Actually, I heard that Code Enforcement (aka Community Service, or Community Surveillance – one of those CS words) likes to drive down alleys so they can see if the citizens are harboring Rats, Rodents, other Vermin; trash that cannot be put out before 6 pm on the day before scheduled trash pickup; cars that are not on improved parking surfaces; non permitted storage; grassy cracks; bad driveways; high grass and weeds; leaning fences; missing pickets; empty pots; firewood stored less than 18 inches above the ground; cars with flat tires and/or missing parts; building materials; stacks of bricks and/or stones; and the list goes on and on. I did keep an eye out for the CS vehicles: actually they have visited my neighborhood so often that I can now recognize the sound of those little white trucks, so it would be more truthful to say I kept an ear out for CS. But I digress.

Back to The Park in the City in the Park: I strolled around and noticed that The Fountain is dedicated to Bro. Eddy Ketchersid “For Dedicated Service to the Citizens of Farmer’s Branch”. Oh; forgive my ignorance, but I did not know who that is. Fortunately, I know my way around Google, so I “Googled” him. Oh my -Very Impressive. He has even written a book, which you can order from Ketch Publishing. Ketchy name, huh! (Sorry – I couldn’t resist the word play. Someone was going to say it so it may as well be me.) Here’s the info on the book :


Networking Nuggets
Leadership Presentations

Eddy Ketchersid



I’m not going to tell you all about Brother Eddy here – you can go to this site and read about him, or, better yet, buy the book. (Bro. Eddy – I swear that no one paid me for this advertising – I am providing this service  free of charge.)

I ordered a copy. I’ll let you know what I learned as soon as it arrives and I have a chance to read it. Judging by the Table of Contents, it sounds really good, full of information I hope our City Council members heed. Since the great majority (if not all) of them belong to the Church of Christ they all should have signed copies, right?

cartoon - jesus

Back to The Park in the City in the Park: Although the fountain is dedicated to Bro. Ketchersid, he doesn’t get the entire park to himself. The rest of The Park in the City in the Park is dedicated “In Honor of the Family of Leonard and Oriealice Strait: Long Time Caring Citizens of the Farmer’s Branch Community”.

I’m sorry; I do not know who the Straits are. Google failed me this time. Please, can someone help us out here? At first I thought they might be connected to the little Valley View Baptist Church across Webb’s Chapel – roughly equidistant to The Park in the City in the Park as the larger Farmer’s Branch Church of Christ, but my web search could neither confirm nor deny.

Well, there wasn’t much to do in The Park in the City in the Park except read what little I could about the dedications and admire the vegetation and the water feature. But I was nervous about my car and all the drivers who were staring at me from the very busy intersection, so I didn’t stay very long. I wish I had brought a book to read. Maybe I’ll sit there while I read Networking Nuggets – that would be kind of cool.

Incidentally, I notice the The Park in the City in the Park and the median and surrounding areas have been “adopted” by Mayor Tim and his lovely wife Christen. I feel it is my citizen’s duty to tell you that there is grass growing in the alley and the liriope and those pretty little yellow flowers are spilling over the sidewalk. Also, the plaque to Bro. Ketchersid is not made of a material that is water and weather-resistant, because it is already starting to pit, corrode, and deteriorate. Although I personally like flowers spilling over sidewalks and curbs, and am a great fan of “weathered” ornaments, I know you would not want that because it is in violation of The Code.

Let me know if I can help.