Before I started this blog I surfed the internet looking for articles about Farmers Branch as well as comparable cities. I ran across one of those sites where people ask questions and hope others will supply good answers. One question was from a family in the Midwest that was going to move to the Dallas area soon and wanted recommendations on where to live. They said that they had narrowed their internet search to Plano, Frisco, and Farmers Branch. I wish I had bookmarked that site. The answers unanimously gave the thumbs down to Farmers Branch, due in large part to the iffy political situation at the time (this was an older posting).

That got me to thinking, though: if someone asked you if you would move to Farmers Branch, what would you tell them? I know what I would say. I’m considering creating a guide for people who are relocating. In it could be listed items that really are of importance to the normal citizen. For instance: quality of schools and location would top the list, but what else do people really want in a neighborhood?

I’ve heard from so many people who said that the quality of life was one of the reasons they moved to Farmers Branch in the first place, but that quality was interpreted differently back then. Most people wanted the laid-back neighborhoods like the ones they grew up in: neighbor helping neighbor, diverse backgrounds, a “live and let live” attitude. A home that really was your castle – your little bit of sanctuary from the turmoil and cares of the world.

Is that what we have now? Would you recommend Farmers Branch to an unsuspecting Midwesterner?