I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it is painfully obvious that Farmers Branch is inundated with illegal cracks, grass, and weeds. I know what you’re thinking “Drugs – in ‘The (Original) City in The Park’ – NNOOOOoooooooo; that is unthinkable. The City would never let that happen – we are driving out all the undesirables, therefore cannot have an Inner City problem like that.”

Ha – Gotcha! I am not talking about drugs, I am talking about something far more insidious: Cracks in the sidewalks and driveways of our fair city in which some horrible people are allowing Weeds and Grass to flourish. This practice must be stopped as it is a affront to the gentle sensibilities of the fine citizens. Think of it – how many times have you been walking down the alleys and easements of this town, on your way to church perhaps, and noticed grass in a crack. Oh dear – I hate to bring up unsavory thoughts, but yes – without eternal vigilance it could happen to you.

Hackensack Lawn Enforcement


Fortunately the Farmers Branch Community Surveillance Team patrols the streets, alleys, easements, and yards and issues warnings, notices, and citations to these awful nasty homeowners who allow such practices. The fine Code Enforcement Officers will even go the extra mile and get out of their trucks and walk around so they can find weedy and grassy cracks that you and I may not normally notice, for they are trained professionals. They’ll even take photographs to document those crimes. I know because I have witnessed people being taken to court to answer for those Crimes against Humanity. Serves them right. I hope the judge throws the book at them. At least they have to pay for those sins.

As a concerned citizen I am grateful that the City in a Park has a group of dedicated employees who are ProActive and willing to risk life and limb by going right to the source of these heinous crimes. I appreciate the fact that they are putting their own welfare in jeopardy in order to maintain the Health, Safety, and Welfare of all the citizens of Farmers Branch. Why – they are even protecting the renters and people of questionable citizenship, who, we all know, contribute to low morals; crime; low property values; the war in Afghanistan; abysmal Health Care in this nation; the inability to find Osama Bin Laden; Rats, Rodents and Other Vermin in our firewood; joblessness; and who knows what other miseries.

The citizens of Farmers Branch are also fortunate to have a ProActive Court System that is willing to aggressively prosecute these lawbreakers. I’ll bet “One of the 10 Best Cities in the Nation” doesn’t have that. In fact – I know they don’t. I happen to know that Rockwall Code Enforcement goes the “pansy” route – they prefer to educate and work with these lawbreakers. They even admit to that in their user-friendly website. Don’t they know that the only way to assure compliance is by prosecution? Silly Rockwall. I’ll bet their website never won any awards and/or prizes either. Lucky for the citizens of Farmers Branch, for we are ProActive, and we have won many, many awards.

We are truly blessed.