FB Justice Center


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I was reading the Farmers Branch City Code of Ordinances this morning, and came upon this little nugget:

Sec. 22-272. General fence provisions.

(a) Fences that are constructed on any property within the city must be of approved materials and must be of uniform construction throughout the fence. Once a pattern of materials and construction method is established, it must be carried throughout the entire length of fence section from corner post to corner post. (b) It shall be unlawful to erect a fence which alters the natural drainage or planned drainage on any residential lot. (c) Used or secondhand materials shall not be used in the construction of any fence in a residential area. (d) The exterior surface of all masonry fences, including concrete block materials, shall be free from projections, inequalities or unevenness of surface, ridges or hollows, and obstructions. The exterior surface of masonry fences in residential areas shall be finished with a stain, pigment, paint or other surface treatment or material that is consistent with other finishes existing on the primary structure existing on the property. (e) All fence materials, construction, and workmanship shall comply with all requirements of the building code and all approved plans and specifications. (Ord. No. 2157, § 3(8-48), 12-19-1994) Sec. 22-270. Required as buffer elements. Any fence which is required to serve as visual screening, a noise barrier or any other buffering purpose in any multifamily, office, retail, commercial or industrial district may exceed eight feet in height with city council approval of a site plan; provided, however, that such fence is approved by the city’s chief building official and, in the opinion of the building official, poses no threat to safety, is not a nuisance, and in no way violates any other pertinent city code, ordinance, section or provision. (Ord. No. 1900, § 1, 8-20-1990)

 I know what you’re thinking: “Wow – I’m sure glad the City of Farmers Branch Justice Center is not within the city limits for it would surely be in violation.”

What – you say that the corner of Valley View and Marsh: where the Justice Center is located; IS inside the Farmers Branch City limits?            

 Uh oh.