My husband’s lab results came back okay – no cancer, thank God. His throat problem is treatable with the surgery and follow-up care and meds. The doctor is confident that he got it all and hubby will make a speedy and full recovery. Thanks to all of you who asked.

As you will recall from my earlier post, my husband was dragged (and I mean dragged) in front of the judge on Tuesday to answer for the heinous crime of “non-permitted items stored outside”. I had already told the assistant city lawyer that hubby was at Baylor Medical Center undergoing surgery so could not be there, but wanted a jury trial on this stupid charge. Well, while I was waiting for the clerk to find the time to prepare my paperwork  hubby walks in – white as a ghost – his neck covered in gauze and Betadiene scrub. As our friend was taking him home from the Medical Center they passed the courthouse and he saw my car parked there so he wanted to stop by and make sure everything was going okay. Hey – he was still under the influence of the anaesthesia and pain meds, so he was feeling “wonderful” at the time.

Anyway, when the lawyer and CE saw him they dragged him up and persuaded him that he didn’t want to go to court, they would give him a sweet deal instead. When I protested that he was in no shape to make any decisions at the time I was forced to sit back down and shut up. After they got him to agree to their terms they hustled the judge in there right away to seal the deal. As we were leaving I asked hubby what the “sweet deal” was, and he couldn’t remember the details.

Today I was able to read the paperwork they had him sign. Basically, it says that he promises to “Go and Sin No More”. Some deal. Someone had even bothered to hand-write that hubby had made this plea voluntarily in open court. That he was under the influence of drugs was not mentioned.


Anyone who has had any experience with Farmers Branch Code Enforcement knows darned good and well that once you are on their radar it is humanly impossible to make your home suitably sterile for their taste. And the codes are written in such a way so that they get to make the determinations as to whether or not you are complying. Guilty guilty guilty. Besides that, it’s gotten to where I can’t go outside anymore without seeing my personal Community Surveillance staking out my home or walking through the back yard. I would not be surprised to see a helicopter hovering over my home with Farmers Branch Code Enforcement hanging from the struts with his trusty camera. Because, as we are all learning – no one has to complain about, or even be able to normally see,  a violation. If you have something outside  that they don’t like – even in a fenced yard – they can write you up.

It’s been raining now for quite some time. As we all know, when it rains in Texas the weeds shoot up.  I actually caught myself running outside to pull all the weeds that had sprung up overnight to over 8″ tall. My lot is  large, and I counted and pulled 11 of them. I was ashamed of myself. How has it gotten so bad that I am standing in the rain pulling weeds.

My daughter’s boyfriend parked my car and I noticed that about 3 inches of one tire was off the driveway – into the grass. I ran out and moved it so that all four tires were well within the pavement. (Don’t accuse me of being paranoid – I actually know someone who was given a notice because half a tire was off the driveway – and that was in his back yard.) Every time I go outside now I look around furtively to see if there is something amiss in my yard – did I leave an empty pot out? Can anyone driving slowly by spy my muddy gardening shoes on the front porch, under the bench? Did I put my trash out too soon? What am I going to do about the weeds next to the fence?  It’s too wet to mow, or even walk, back there. Thank God I don’t have any trees with branches overhanging the street.

I am not optimistic.