I can’t stop thinking about the spectacle in Farmers Branch Municipal Court yesterday. My emotions run from profound sadness, to embarrassment, to frustration, to anger, to disgust. Mostly disgust.

I’ll tell you what I did not feel – I did not feel that the City of Farmers Branch was in any way concerned with the Health, Safety, or Welfare of any of these citizens, or for any other citizen who doesn’t play along with their sickening charade.

Yesterday I witnessed the most appalling display of  bullying I have ever seen. I and others watched in disbelief as grown men and women were treated like the worst common criminals – and what did they do? They “allowed” grass to grow in their driveways and sidewalks; they didn’t trim their trees back far enough and quick enough; they didn’t put house numbers on their homes; why, there was even one guy who thought that he could <gasp> wait until he was rested in order to mow his lawn.  I’ll bet that grass was probably 9 inches tall! Maybe even more – it could be that it was as tall as the grass in the city owned lots around town.

I sat on two Grand Juries for the County of Dallas, and I never ever saw a defendant treated as badly as some of these people were yesterday. And I saw child molesters, rapists, thieves, drug addicts, prostitutes, and murderers being questioned. Without exception they were treated with dignity and respect.

Yesterday we all sat in horrified disbelief as we witnessed a man being berated by a CE with a look on her face like she was smelling something bad. She was chastising him about his “non permitted outside storage”. I don’t even know what he had outside, but the gist of the CE’s complaint was that he “moved his items in an effort to fool the Code Enforcer”. WHAT???? I’m thinking that there couldn’t have been many items if he was able to move them so often, he was probably engaged in a fruitless effort to find a storage area that was acceptable to the CE, and that saying Code Enforcement Officer and Fool in the same sentence is redundant.

 This man was an adult human being – a family man who was probably trying his best to get by in these difficult times. And then he has to put up with this crap. In front of all of us. Maybe none of what I thought about his “violation” is true – he may have been a horrible nasty junky man who was maliciously trying to entice the Rats, Rodents, and other Vermin out of the Golf Courses and Parks and onto his property. I don’t care – no one deserves to be treated with such a lack of respect and dignity.

 I told you that I would refrain from saying the four-letter “N” word when I am talking about Code Enforcement, but my research unearthed the title of a song that was popular in one area of Europe during World War II. It’s titled “Me hot zey in dre’erd, me ver zey iberlebn, me vet noch derlebn” or, in English “To hell with them, we will survive them, we will yet survive.