I was ruminating about Twitter, My Space, Facebook, and blogs in general, and got to wondering:

In the 2008 Citizen Satisfaction Survey for Farmers Branch, the typical citizen of Farmers Branch was found to be a 52 years’ old Caucasian woman with no children younger than 20 years of age. Now I am a wee bit older than 52, but I’ll have to admit that I learned about Twitter, My Space, Facebook, and blogs from my kids and their friends. So – if I did not have younger kids I would be blissfully unaware of all this, and would also have a lot of extra time on my hands. But, now that I am hooked, I got to wondering if all these women are missing out on all the fun. I’m not a computer geek, but I have written a couple of “How To” documents in my time, so I’m going to try help them out.

My first lesson will be “How to Get the Most from a Blog”. Here goes:

There are nearly as many ways to blog as there are bloggers, so I’m going to use “DARE to LIVE in Farmers Branch” as an example, as it is a fairly simple blog. Once you get used to blogging you can get brave, but this will do for now.

Main Body of the Blog

You will doubtless notice that the newest “Post” (article I’ve written) is the first thing you’ll see when you open the blog. This is so if you’ve visited before you don’t have to scroll through all the old stuff to get to the new.  Sometimes this gets confusing because you have to read from bottom to top if a new Post continues on a theme that was started in a previous Post. But you’ll get used to it.

Older Posts are archived by month, and the months are listed way at the bottom of the page. If you want to read an older Post all you have to do is look through the previous months – sort of like a magazine file.

Under the Post’s title is an area noting the date the Post was published, a listing of each category that particular Post is located under, and a link to “Leave a Comment” about that Post. You can access any of these areas by clicking on the blue wording. You can also access a Category by clicking on the listing to the left (explained below).

Comments are an important part of blogging. They extend the discussion beyond a blog Post and allow visitors to interact with other readers.  To comment on a Post just click on the “Leave a Comment” section that’s under the title. You’ll get a little text box where you can type whatever you want to say. Keep it clean, please. Then hit the “Submit Comment” button and voila’ – your comment will be submitted.


To the left of the screen is a section labeled “Categories” which is a categorized listing of all my Posts. If you want to find only Postings about, say, the” Good Citizens Contests” click that link and that’s what you’ll get.


Also to the left of the screen are all the external links – things I’ve found that other people have written and that might be interesting. They are categorized, so that if you want to see, for instance, articles with “Background Information” you can go to that category and look at the list there. If you just hold the little cursor over the title you can see a “snapshot” or short description of the article. If you want to read more just click (once) on the title and the whole article comes up on your screen.

The main thing is, if the word font is colored blue that means it’s a link – you can click on it and something else will pop up.

I know my explanation is not as good as what you’d get from a 6 years old kid, but at least you didn’t have to put up with the eye-rolling and impatient sighing that they do when they’re trying to explain computers to us old Geezers.

Happy Blogging