Let’s get really serious for a moment.

Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have what you would need if something awful happened to your home, neighborhood, or family? Do you even know what you would need? Everything you need?

An organization of local nonprofits, Community Together, is hosting a workshop on emergency preparedness next Friday, September 18, at the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Tech Learning Center. During the workshop you will learn how to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens to you, your family or your community.

Now, I will have to admit, when I first heard about this, I thought Terrorist Attack, or Hurricane, or Major Flood. Then I thought “what the heck are these folks smoking – that they think we are worried about any of that stuff?” So I did what any cynic would do: I attended one of the Community Together preparation meetings – fully prepared to stifle many a yawn, keep my eyes from rolling and hold my tongue. But – you know what? – these members had their stuff together. An emergency is something that happens to you; that disadvantages you. It can come about it many ways, and at any time.

When I was in high school my family home burned down …. all the way. To cinders and ash. Completely. In the middle of the night we lost everything except each other. Fortunately we were living in a small neighborly town and the residents, businesses, and churches came to our assistance. But I still remember all the “stuff” my mom and dad had to recreate: insurance, bank, credit card information; important phone numbers; tons of records – passports, driver’s license, birth certificates; important photographs and mementos we lost that could never be replaced; and the sheer volume of information my parents had to submit to the IRS to document our loss. My dad made each of us kids sit down and list every single little thing we had owned and lost – games, sports equipment, clothing, personal items, money, etc. etc. etc. And doing this exercise while we were still reeling from the emotional toll of the fire was dreadful. Emergency preparation wouldn’t have stopped our home from burning, but it would have been so valuable in the aftermath.

Community Together is a group that was created to address issues of importance to the community. This organization realized the genuine need to educate people on how to be prepared for any emergency – large or small. They are also working with Farmers Branch as well as surrounding cities and organizations such as religious institutions, charitable organizations, and such in order to achieve some balance and continuity in the event that a large number of people need assistance.

I was impressed by what they have to offer and am confident that you will be too.
Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives and coworkers about the workshop. If you belong to an organization that would like to be involved get them to send a representative or two. Get the word out. There is a small charge to attend the workshop, but it will be time and money well spent. Please register ahead of time so that the organizers will be sure to have plenty of resources available. Information is below.

I hope you’ll never have to use this information, but if an emergency arises you will be so glad that you have it.

Are you ready for an emergency?  It doesn’t have to be a hurricane.  Anything that puts your ‘normal’ routine in a tailspin qualifies.

What exactly is an emergency? How does a family prepare? How can community members help the ‘experts’ in an emergency? If you have more questions than answers, you are invited to attend the workshop to take the first steps towards being better prepared for anything!

Community Together Invites You to Our First Workshop

TOPIC: Being Prepared For Anything 

Friday, September 18, 12:30 to 5 p.m.

Carrollton-Farmers Branch Tech Learning Center

2427 Carrick Street, Farmers Branch

(North of Dr Pepper Star Center east of I-35)

Cost:  $5 (Pay at the door)

Listen to emergency experts. Ask questions. Network.


Questions? Email Kathleen at kmatsumu@swbell.net

Community Together

First Workshop

TOPIC: Being Prepared For Anything 

Friday, September 18, 12:30 to 5 p.m.


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