In spite of the Twittering, the award-winning website, and the news-in-the-utility bill approaches, many Farmers Branch citizens remain blissfully unaware of what is happening in our fair city. Kathleen Matsumura recognized the communication gap and created a solution.  She spends her own time and effort editing and sending out an e-newsletter to provide a non-acrimonious avenue for constructive exchange on issues important to our city and to highlight other items of interest.

Ms. Matsumura sends out news and views at least every two weeks …. sometimes more often as events demand and her schedule allows.   If you are interested in getting her e-newsletter and sharing your news through this service simply email her at The service is free.

I highly recommend Kathleen’s newsletter. Send her an email to subscribe – it is very worthwhile.

The August 25 edition contained a commentary I had written about my concerns with the City’s Code of Ordinances and the accompanying enforcement drive. Jim Olk, City of Farmers Branch Building Official, responded to that commentary in the next issue (August 31). An exerpt of my response is published in today’s enews, and the entire thread is posted here under the heading “Commentary”.