The City of Rockwall Texas was voted one of the Nation’s Top 10 Best Cities. For more information, just take a look at their website. I’ve added a link: Now Here’s a Website! City of Rockwall: One of the 10 Best In America

Look it over, ramble around through it. Check their City Code – it’s easy to find. I don’t even have to tell you how. Just click the links, and there you are. And you can read and understand it.

Here’s the weird thing: If you have been reading the Farmers Branch Code, as I have, you will notice that much of Rockwall’s code is worded EXACTLY THE SAME as Farmers Branch. Well, the sane parts are. The deal is, Rockwall stopped expounding after they made their salient points while Farmers Branch just went on and on and on with their “Thou Shalt Nots”. Yet Rockwall is one of the 10 BEST CITIES IN THE NATION.

Ya know what else is weird: Rockwall just annexed a portion of land that is mostly trailer parks and rental properties: a bit run down. The Rockwall City Council fully intends to improve this area, but they are going about it in a fashion exactly the opposite of what Farmers Branch is doing. They are actually HELPING their new citizens – educating, not “enforcing”. In fact, they have a special web page to educate their new citizens. What a strange concept.

And look at the Rockwall Mission Statement and Vision:

Mission Statement

To conduct a comprehensive code enforcement effort that fosters voluntary compliance, effects prompt correction of noted violations, and that is consistent, fair and equitable in its application.

A community where all residential and commercial properties are maintained in a fashion that emphasizes an aesthetically pleasing city, that encourages community pride, preserves neighborhood integrity, protects the public health and well being, and maintains property values.

 I tried to find Farmers Branch’s Mission Statement and Vision. If there is one I couldn’t find it, and I really got tired of looking.