This Blog isn’t all moan and groan, though – let’s have some fun. I have a couple of ideas on how we too can be Good Proactive Citizens.

Let’s have some contests. We can think of something every month.

Here’s the first one:

Since the city is so obsessed with appearances, let’s help them out. The Farmer’s Branch website makes it very easy to complain about Code Violations. In fact, they encourage the citizens to rat on their neighbors. They’re begging us to rat on our neighbors. They’re insisting that we rat on our neighbors.

So let’s do it …. with a slight twist:

I DARE everyone to go around the City of Farmers Branch and find Code Violations on City Property. Here are some starting hints:

  • It is against code to have bare areas in your lawn;
  • It is against code to have standing water for over 24 hours;
  • It is against code to have grass over 8 inches tall;
  • It is against code to have a public sidewalk in need of repair,
  • It is against code to have a crack in your driveway (for the city, that can be the street) in which grass is growing.
  • Aw heck; darned near anything you can think of is against code

You get the idea – I know of at least one violation in each of these areas – on city property. Get out there –  inspect the city and register those complaints. But don’t rat on your neighbor – do the proactive, responsible thing and rat on the city. And, I think that for this purpose the City Council members’ homes should be included in the inspections. I’ve already driven by all of them and I know there are violations to be complained about. If you need the addresses I’ll post them here. It would be fun to check out the Code Enforcement Officers’ homes too, but most of them don’t even live in Farmer’s Branch.

Here’s the really great part – you don’t even have to live in the city to complain, and you can do it anonymously – like all good rats. That means anybody, anywhere, can complain about anything. If you’re not sure if there really is a code violation you don’t even have to worry about that – just complain under Miscellaneous and they will supply a code violation reason for you!

What do you say – get out there and complain! You can brag about it here, and give ideas to others. Pictures would be fabulous. See who can register the most complaints. And don’t worry if someone beat you to it – the city will tally the number of complaints for us, so multiple entries are allowed.

Get out and complain – it’s your civic duty!