In my perusal of the Farmers Branch website, I found a listing of all jobs complete with detailed pay scales. While most everything seemed ho hum I did stumble upon one very lucrative job posting: that of Park Attendant PT, Class Code 1320.

I know what you’re thinking: sheesh – a Part Time Park Attendant job – what’s so lucrative about that?

Well – this job was listed to pay up to $59,314,944.00 Annually! That’s right – for those who are uncertain about commas and such: Fifty-Nine MILLION, Three Hundred and Fourteen THOUSAND, Nine Hundred and Forty-Four Dollars! A Year! Every Year!

I know! …… I had to look at it two or three times too. But there it was, in black and white. On the official Website. Wow!

Whoa, I wanted this job. I was even willing to negotiate the salary. I would even share the job with someone else. I doubted that there would be any openings, but hey – I was willing to get on the list. I could wait.

At the time I was on an email list from Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Tim Scott, City Council Place 1 so I thought; hey, I’ll try to pull some strings here – maybe I can get a good place on the list in case someone retires or something. So I sent him the following:

Tim – I was checking out the Farmers Branch website and found this job
description. I want the job, and I’ll do it for substantially less than the
advertised salary. Email me when jobs like this become available, although I
can’t imagine the current employee(s) are inclined to leave.

Class Title:Park Attendant PT
Class Code:1320
Salary:$27,705.60 – $28,516.80 hourly
$2,216,448.00 – $2,281,344.00 biweekly
$4,802,304.00 – $4,942,912.00 monthly
$57,627,648.00 – $59,314,944.00 annually


The 22-acre Historical Park traces the proud heritage of Farmers Branch,
from the 1840s through the 1940s. Activities include tours, educational
programming, special events and reservations.
 Essential Functions:
Greet visitors, provide information, conduct tours, open and close the Park,
basic grounds and building maintenance, light janitorial duties, supervision
of community service workers and acts a liaison between staff and
 Minimum qualifications:
Part-time position requiring weekend and evening work. Expected to work
during seasonal special events. Requires High School Diploma and one year
public contact or customer service.

I didn’t get a response, but a week or so later I checked the site and the pay had been decreased A LOT. Oh dear. So I sent Mr. Scott another letter:

Hello again Tim,
I am just writing to tell you that I am no longer interested in the Park Attendant PT position, as I see that the pay scale has been downgraded significantly. 
I hope it wasn’t because of my enquiry.
Out of curiosity: How did the existing Park Attendant PT’s take the salary decrease? I know how it is when you have a good thing going and some bozo steps in wanting a piece of the action and ruins it for everybody. I would have been willing to share that job – I would even have settled for working just a couple of hours a week, leaving the bulk of the time to someone else.
Are there any comparable positions available? I definitely do not want the Video Tech PT Director job, as I see that I’d start at $2,571.19 per month and then max out at $0.00. Sounds like the poor sucker in that position will not get the opportunity to keep up with advancing technology and will become less valuable as time goes by. It does have a cool “Director” title, but I couldn’t handle the steady and steep salary decrease.
Keep up the good work,
He must have misunderstood my message, because I got no response, and am no longer on his mailing list. Darn – and I was learning so much.