As a long-time resident of Farmers Branch I am fighting mad about the direction our City Council is taking us.

In the middle of a worldwide financial crises, this bunch has decided to raise taxes so that they can purchase “distressed” properties and “improve” them. Just what we need right now – more useless fountains and high maintenance rose gardens. And who is footing the bill? We are!

In addition, the City Council has made it their top priority to remake the entire city into their vision of what it should be  – sterile McMansions surrounded by fortress-like brick walls. Front yards for looks only – God Forbid anyone would really want to enjoy their own home. And how are they doing that? By enforcing some of the most oppressive codes ever devised.

It’s time to take a stand …. do we really want to live like this …… where there’s a Code Enforcement Officer taking pictures if you take your trash out while wearing your ratty old shorts …. or if your lawn isn’t mowed exactly how and when they want it mowed …. or when you’re cleaning your garage? And they claim they’re being “proactive” … for our own good. I am tired of being treated like someone who can’t think for myself; how about you?

Today they’re taking our yard ornaments; tomorrow they’ll be telling us what make, model, and color of car to drive, what color to paint your home, what your landscaping should look like, how to raise your kids, what to think.

Have any of these yahoos thought to ask us what we want? I feel like I purchased a pleasant home in Mayberry and now I’m living in Stepford. I want my old neighborhood back.